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    Hello,<BR> I have got a table in SQL SERVER and i have a field in that which is of image datatype. I don&#039t know how to insert image to that table and it is a not null field and without that i cannot proceed. can anyone tell me how to insert an image?<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>Keerthi

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    I think AppendChuck comes to mind! Maybe look that up un MSDN.<BR><BR>You need to iterate using AppendChunk in order to get the entire image into and out of a database.

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    The way I&#039ve done it before is to put the name of the image in the DB and then when the record is called from the DB it just populates the filename.<BR><BR>Something like:<BR>&#060;img src="images/&#060;%imagename%&#062;"&#062;

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