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    Default Validating dynamic text boxes

    Say I have a set of dynamic text boxes. Below are the names of the text boxes which are generated dynamically using counters etc.. in ASP. Now. i want to validate these in Javascript..<BR>Here prefix to Cap is Building and Suffix is Floor..that means number before Cap is Building and number after Cap is Floor.<BR><BR>1Cap0<BR>1Cap1<BR>1Cap2<BR>1Cap3<BR> 2Cap0<BR>2Cap1<BR>2Cap2<BR>2Cap3<BR>3Cap0<BR>3Cap1 <BR>3Cap2<BR>3Cap3<BR><BR>Now i get the loop of Building from 1 to 3 and within that I run loop of Floor from 0 to 3.<BR>But when i try to get the value of textbox using the variables in loops i am not able to do..<BR>Pls. help..

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    Default Can we see your code please

    would make it a lot easier to see the problem.

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