Im going completly nuts trying to do this. In ASP it would have taken me seconds.<BR><BR>Ok I think this is right but correct me if im wrong<BR><BR>I have a class that for example has a function that gets all the states from the DB:<BR><BR>File called Class.vb<BR><BR>Imports System<BR>Imports System.Data<BR>Imports System.Data.SqlClient<BR>Imports System.Collections<BR>Imports System.Configuration<BR><BR><BR>Public Class Getalldata<BR> Public Function GetPicdata() As SqlDataReader<BR><BR> Dim cnn As New SqlConnection(ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("C ONNECTION_STRING_USER"))<BR> Dim cmd As New SqlCommand("Get_states", cnn)<BR><BR><BR> cnn.Open()<BR> Dim result As SqlDataReader = cmd.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection) <BR> cnn.Close()<BR><BR> End Function<BR>End Class<BR><BR>Ok How in the hell do I call this just to LOOP and print them out????<BR><BR><BR>Sort of like this<BR><BR>Call class/object/whatever. I dont know how<BR><BR>Then<BR><BR>While Whaever<BR><BR>Loops thru the states response.writting them<BR><BR>Loop<BR><BR>Please hel;p before I completly go nuts