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    Hi guys,<BR>Could anyone provide information on where to start with creating HTML based monthly newsletters? Is this acheivable in pure asp?<BR><BR>Im looking on the net but still no luck...<BR><BR>John

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    It&#039;s possible, but if you&#039;ve got a lot of recipients and a lot of personalisation, then you&#039;re best of branching out from ASP and using a real executable. if you need a web front-end you can use MSMQ or a database queue, but to do the actual mailing, I&#039;d advise WSH at worst or a real exe at best.

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    Default any chance you could expand further?

    ...some additional information?

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    Default RE: any chance you could expand further?

    well, that depends. what&#039;s the actual requirement? loads of people? all personalised? or a small number?

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    Default Just a blurb

    With whats going on, latest news and events to all members of the site. Initially this will be only small, however this could grow substantially.

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    so not personalised? dead easy then. how many people is it going to go to?<BR><BR>I&#039;d use the usual CDO/CDONTS code you&#039;d see in ASP, but from Windows Script Host, running on a local machine.

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    Default Check your email...

    Ive just sent an exact example of what we want to do.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>John

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