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    Does cdonts have a replyto feature? I have a form that will allow the user to enter in an mail address and that email address becomes the "FROM" field using the CDONTS email object.<BR>The from and to are required fields. What if the user doesnot have a valid email address or an email address period. The from field has to be populated with something. Please advise

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    There is an easy way to add the reply-to to CDONTS. You can add the following line to your code: (assume that "oMail" is your instance)<BR>&#060;%<BR>...<BR>oMail.Value("Reply-To") = "the_email_address"<BR>...<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Y ou can of course pass variables to the address instead of typing it in. I am not sure I understand the second part of your question. Maybe you can explain it more. If you want to check the email address on the client side why not use a sophisticated Javascript function? It usually is sufficient.<BR><BR>Good luck...

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