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    Hi guys I have the following:<BR>daySchedule[7] = "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahlbah"<BR><BR>that is part of an array and this value is then placed into a textarea.<BR><BR>How do I format this this sring to appear in the textarea<BR>eg.<BR>blah blah blah blah &#060;new line&#062;<BR>blah blah blah blah<BR>blah etc.....<BR><BR>many many thanks<BR>

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    Default Have to insert newlines...

    ...every so often.<BR><BR>But why???<BR><BR>A textarea *should* "wrap" automatically.<BR><BR>If you insert newlines, then when the textarea is submitted, they *will* appear in what the submitted-to page sees.<BR><BR>

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