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    Hi,<BR><BR>I stumbled recently on problem which seems easy but proved not so ;-)<BR>I have multiple domains pointing to the same site. It worked ok, but due to Urchin software limitations I need to redirect all traffic to one main domain.<BR>With few-page site it would be no problem, either by meta redirect or response.redirect, however my site is large one, and i need to redirect users very precisely, for example:<BR>user type address:<BR>and is redirected to:<BR>I tried pointing all secondary domains to empty virtual host with catching 404 error, hovewer it works ok only with blank query string - it seems that IIS doesn&#039;t pass query string to page serving 404 error.<BR>It leaves me with only one option - to leave all domains pointing to site, but testing on each page ServerVariables("URL") against list of all secondary domains and redirecting accordingly. Bad option considering that it&#039;s very busy site (0.5M uniques monthly) and the list of secondary domains is pretty long (over 20). So i&#039;m affraid of large performance hit.<BR>I would be very grateful for any suggestions

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    I&#039;d set one site up with the secondary domains, one with the primary. then I&#039;d set up the secondary site as &#039;redirection to a URL&#039; under &#039;Home Directory&#039;<BR><BR>that should pass the querystring

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