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    I have the following:<BR><BR>Set xml = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP")<BR>xml.Open "GET", URL, False <BR>xml.Send<BR>If xml.readyState &#060;&#062; 4 then xml.waitForResponse(3)<BR><BR>Works fine EXCEPT there are some URLS that can&#039;t be found and cause &#039;script timeout&#039;, which I DONT WANT<BR><BR>If I send uru:<BR>the system appears to hand and times out (No good)<BR>The code does NOT Process Past the xml.Send statement...<BR>The is NO &#039;status&#039; or &#039;readystate&#039; returned.<BR><BR>Is there a way to &#039;trap&#039; for this problem (Hangs on xml.send)<BR>Is there a parameter in the send statment that says:<BR>If nothing happens in 3 seconds, just abort and move on?<BR><BR>Also, if I have to deal with a script time out, is there way to trap for &#039;script time out&#039; so that the routine continues to run?<BR>(like a "On Script Time Out, Resume Next"routine?)<BR>

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    by definition you can&#039;t catch a script timeout, because the script you&#039;d be handling it with has, well, timed out.<BR><BR>what I&#039;d do is figure out why that URL is causing problems and others aren&#039;t (should have a trailing slash, btw)

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