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    I havenot been able to run my visual interdev projects/ files etc. <BR>has anyone come across this before?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Crystal.

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    VS.Net and VI should run side-by-side, but they are not compatible

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    Default error msg

    I only installed on friday and have not done anything with it. I have created a lot of asp files with VI and when I opened (or tried to) an .asp file this morning, this is the message i get.<BR><BR>Unable to open web project &#039;/&#039;.The web server does not appear to have any authentication methods enabled. the server has asked for user authentication.<BR><BR>Never saw this msg before. Thanks for your time.<BR>Crystal.

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    Try opening VI and then opening a project...<BR><BR>Check IIS to see if the auth methods are there.<BR>Maybe check and fix the Front Page Extensions??<BR><BR>I never experienced any problems with VI and VS.Net on the same system.

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