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    Hi<BR><BR>I have a datagrid on a web form and when a user double clicks on an item they are redirected to a details form. When they click on a link on the details form to reurn to the original form the form is reloaded and the top of the grid is displayed. I would like the form to be reloaded but the position in the grid that they were at before to be displayed. Is this possible?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    put in an &#060;a name="val"&#062; where val will be equal to the id of the current record...<BR><BR>then when you go back to the page, make it so it goes to that hash<BR><BR>mypage.aspx#18<BR><BR>where 18 was the record you were viewing or editing. this is from the second page going to the first page...<BR><BR>make it an invisible column so you don&#039;t have that extra blank column that does nothing.

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