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    Hello <BR>there is Topic here UPATION WITH DATABSE USING CHECK BOX <BR><BR>what i need help that i want ot Insert the text that is Printed Aginst the Check box that Have been Sletected in to another Table <BR><BR>note all the check box are genrated fom database and that check box have unique ID <BR> any one having Help or Code of Sinpt<BR>

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    If I understand the question correctly, you are already able to pick up the selected check box ID, and the checkbox description is in the database. In which case alter your update SQL to select the description from the database during the update process. Better still, don&#039;t update with the description at all, update with unique ID as a forgeign key, that is what relational databases are all about!<BR><BR>Finally, if you need more help with this then please post some code, particularly the SQL, it is difficult to give good advice without it.

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    Default Don't think this is advanced...

    ...and I agree with "Solarfish" that you probably should *NOT* be doing this, anyway.<BR><BR>But...<BR><BR>Why not simply duplicate the text beside the checkbox as the VALUE= of the checkbox?<BR><BR>&#060;INPUT Type=Checkbox Name="CB" Value="Ajax Hardware"&#062; Ajax Hardware<BR><BR>Please, from now on, don&#039;t post simple questions in the advanced forum, okay?<BR><BR>

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