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    I am querying my database to get probably 5 or 6 fields using a SELECT statement and then throwing them into a recordset, when I go to use the data some fields are still in the recordset...others have mysteriously disappeared, if they were ever there at all.<BR><BR>Perhaps the most intriguing thing about it all is how it depends on the order I call it in...for example:<BR><BR>data1 = rs("data1")<BR>data2 = rs("data2")<BR>data3 = rs("data3")<BR><BR>In this case data1 and data3 might have values in them while data2 will be NULL<BR><BR>Now lets say I swap around the order they are called so it looks like this:<BR><BR>data2 = rs("data2")<BR>data1 = rs("data1")<BR>data3 = rs("data3")<BR><BR>With it set like this I will get data2 and data3 and data1 will be NULL...<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR>

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    That makes no sense<BR><BR>What data types are they if one of them is a memo field you need to have it last in your Select query

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