Hello,<BR><BR>I am relatively new to ASP... having purchased the Sams Teach Yourself book recently... I found this site.<BR><BR>My quest revolves around finding information about a remote server; information both on ASP and .NET.<BR><BR>I am looking for scripts similar to PHP&#039;s phpinfo.php; which lists system vars, environment, version info, installed applications, etc... for both ASP (VBScript) and .NET/ASPX.<BR><BR>The reason is that I am testing out potential Windows Host/Providers and some are less than ready to give out that information, but have great prices. <BR><BR>I realize that yes I must get the script(s) to the server in question, I usually purchase a 1 month account to test with.<BR><BR>I am trying to find information like installed components, email apps installed, etc.. by running a script.<BR><BR>Is this possible? Is there one/two available that someone could direct me too?<BR><BR>Thanks!