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    Hi all.<BR>I&#039;m using a access db in this application that I made.<BR>Yesterday there was this big(???) thing that included something like 200 (big for my application) users at the same time working on the same db, and the application just stoped working...<BR>other applications that worked on other databases on the same server worked well.<BR><BR>can that be the limit of access db??? or there&#039;s a place where I can set the property of limit?? thanks.

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    There isn&#039;t a formally set limit - usually the number of users that can be supported depends on :<BR><BR>system capabilities (RAM, processor, etc)<BR>quality of the app&#039;s code.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve had hundreds of &#039;concurrent&#039; users on access based sites and haven&#039;t had a crash caused by Access for a long time now.<BR><BR>j<BR>

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