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    Hello,<BR><BR>I currently past data in to an array using:<BR><BR>userListArray = userList.GetRows()<BR><BR>I would like to append another array to this, both arrays are the same size. Can this be done in ASP, I don&#039;t want to use a UNION SQL query.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Carl

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    You can redim preserve the array to the total number of elements in both arrays combined. Then loop thru the second array populating the first.<BR><BR>Why would you not want to use a UNION query. Your array is going to require that both arrays have the same elements. The UNION query is most likely going to be faster.<BR><BR>If one array doesn&#039;t have the same column names as the second, you can force UNION to handle it.<BR><BR>select colA as MyColA,<BR> colB as MyColB<BR> from TableA<BR> union<BR>select somecolA as MyColA,<BR> somecolB as MyColB<BR> from TableB

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