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    I have a memo field that outputs fine onto the page. But I am having a problem updating it through a backend. I outputted the SQL for it. Here it is<BR><BR>UPDATE People SET FPText = &#039;Creating unique hair-styles for your entire Bridal Party!&#039;, Bio = &#039;My name is Alison Chandler. I am a Formal Hairstylist, which means I specialze in Hair Services for Brides and Bridal Parties. Consider receiving a one-of-a-kind hairstyle to match the theme of your wedding, and that fits your personality. I offer my location to local Bridal Parties, so the can come and relax, enjoy eachothers company, while getting your hair done. I also offer On-Site services for In-Town or Out-Of-Town weddings. I will travel to your location to pamper you and your Bridal Party! (This helps to avoid the travel to numerous locations just to get ready!) I provide services for your entire Bridal Party, including the Flower Girl, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, and don&#039;t forget Grandma! Practice sessions are recommended for every Bride, (this ensures your hair-style will be exactly what you want, relieving you of extra stress on your wedding day!) I offer a free consultation and portfolio presentation. Here are a few samples of my work.&#039; WHERE Person = &#039;Alison Chandler&#039;<BR><BR>It gives me a &#039;missing operater&#039; error.<BR><BR>What is weird, is in this website site, there are four records in the table with Description Memo feild, the other three I can update fine through the backend, but this one, its flopping. Any Ideas?

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    Default RE: weird ? not really


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    Default And WK is referring to...

    ...don[hl="yellow"]&#039;[/hl]t forget...<BR><BR>Can you say "oops"?<BR><BR>

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