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    Hi all:<BR>I&#039;ve got a datalist with with a list of module names bound to it;<BR>eg. Module 1 / Module 2 etc...<BR><BR>Question: How do I enabled (Hyperlink) only those modules that a particular logged in user has already examined.<BR>I have a user table:<BR><BR>un = test<BR>pw = test<BR>m1 = 1<BR>m2 = 0<BR>m3 = 0<BR>1 = module was colpleted:<BR><BR>Just need to know what&#039;s the best way to enable these modules on the first page when the user logs in:<BR>The module list is coming form a module definition table.<BR>many thanks guys

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    Maybe with a related table of "completed modules"...<BR><BR>If you have a complex multi-step process, you might want to look into this.<BR><BR>

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