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    I have a page that allows the user to enter an e-mail which is mailed out to everyone in their database. However, with a standard textarea control, they can only enter plain text e-mails (unless they want to hand code all the HTML, which I don&#039;t want to force them to do). Is there a component or example somewhere that I can download that would allow me to give the users the ability to visually create HTML formatted text that can be sent out in the e-mail?<BR>Thanks -- Jesse

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    There are several. I believe Atrax (a regular here) has one on one of his sites http://www.readthe**** Yeah, I know, but the site&#039;s real.<BR><BR>There are also others. There&#039;s the MSDHTMLEdit control - Google will give you more information on it. There are also DHTML solutions. Again, Google&#039;s helpful.<BR><BR>Craig.

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