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    Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server (0x80040E57)<BR>String or binary data would be truncated.<BR><BR><BR>the data i tried to insert is...<BR><BR>Insert into newsletter(newssubject,newsbrief,news,mainheadline ,newsdate,newsposition, newsimage,categoryid,createDate,adminid)<BR>values (&#039;Nana Akomea, Minister of Information on EC&#039;,<BR>&#039;The Minister describes "The attempt to give the impressions that the Government is seeking <BR>to control the EC, by these due appointments, is very unfortunate and should be disregarded."&#039;,<BR>&#039;Government on Thursday debunked claims that it was trying to manipulate certain changes at the Electoral <BR>Commission (EC) by replacing the Commissioners. Nana Akomea explained that four vacancies have arisen because <BR>of the death of Dr M. T. K. Puni, a private medical practitioner at Akim Oda in 1995, and the age of Mrs <BR>Theresa Cole, Madam Elizabeth Solomon and Professor Ernest Dumor, who have all passed their 60th birthdays<BR> and "by the terms and conditions in law, as outlined in Act 451 of 1993 are due for retirement and replacement."&#039;,<BR> &#039;N&#039;,&#039;01/09/2004&#039;,&#039;2&#039;,&#039;&#039;,&#039;15&#03 9;, &#039;1/9/2004&#039;,2)

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    Default What size and type are fields

    in the database, are the fields varchar or similar? if so what is the size of them? Could be you are trying to pass a long string into a short field.

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