I am having trouble turning on the gridlines for the asp to excel class that is found on the 4GuysSite. Can someone please help...Samp Code:<BR><BR>Set objSpreadsheet = Server.CreateObject("OWC.Spreadsheet")<BR><BR>objS preadsheet.ActiveSheet.Range("A1:E1").Merge<BR> set rngMergedCells = objSpreadSheet.ActiveSheet.Range("A1").MergeArea<B R> with rngmergedcells<BR> .Value = title<BR> .Font.Bold = True<BR> .HAlignment = 2<BR> .Font.Size = 12<BR> end with<BR> Dim objField, iCol, iRow<BR> iCol = iColOffset<BR> iRow = iRowOffset<BR> For Each objField in objRS.Fields<BR> fieldheader = replace(objField.Name, " ", chr(13), 1)<BR> with objSpreadsheet.Cells(iRow, iCol)<BR> .Value = fieldheader<BR> .HAlignment = 2<BR> .Borders.Color = "Black"<BR> .Interior.Color = "DarkBlue"<BR> .Font.Color = "White"<BR> .Font.Bold = True<BR> end with<BR> iCol = iCol + 1<BR> Next &#039;objField<BR><BR>Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>T<BR><BR>"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." -- Mark Twain<BR>&#060;Smile /&#062;