I am building an app. on my laptop, xp prof.UK, dutch region settings.<BR>date is dd/mm/yyyy<BR>when testing it on w2003 server it works fine, but when testing on w2k server, it switches between dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy, region settings are the same.<BR><BR>my lcid=1043 (dutch) i have also tried lcid=1033 (US english) but it keeps on changing dd/mm and mm/dd<BR><BR><BR>my add pages are mm/dd/yyyy but it keeps switching january 8 for august 1st.<BR><BR>i have solved the problem by reformatting the dates, and this was a lot of work, but can any one tell me how to solve this problem. I hope it is a setting in w2k server, but i have not found it. (i have tried the regional settings)<BR><BR>and testing this working app (working on w2kserver) on my xpprof laptop, and it fails. <BR><BR>Help!!!