Do I HAVE TO have wsh(windows scripting host)? I heard the global.asa file does this? Is that true?<BR><BR>Is it really that difficult?<BR><BR>And if I have a database with name/email...can I just use the &#039name&#039 column to personalize?<BR><BR>Cdonts is not working with us now &#039til we have it installed on our server, will that get in the way?<BR><BR>This is SUCH a desired tool and NOBODY can provide straight answers. Please, no cdonts articles, or wsh articles, does anybody know AUTOMATED EMAIL solutions? With global.asa or not?<BR><BR>I read the microsoft version with wsh, but we need to download that later, but when I heard of the global.asa idea I had to learn more...<BR><BR>Thank you, for all your help.