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    Do you build multilingual web applications?<BR>I do.<BR><BR>I have built a family of controls based on the built in asp controls (Literal,Label,Button,Validators...) that have the ability to localize themselves.<BR><BR>They localize at runtime and at design-time so that you can see the localized values as you work.<BR><BR>For page and user control resources, the properties window also act as an inplace editor of the resource strings.<BR><BR>Let me know if you are interested, they are ready for some extensive user testing (aka other people using them) while I try to write the documentation and samples.<BR><BR>These will not be free controls when complete (reasonable per domain license), but they will run on localhost for free.<BR><BR>-Andrew<BR><BR>ps I can also localize custom controls if they have proper design time support.<BR><BR>

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    Interesting....<BR><BR>If you want someone to just test out how these can work for different business scenarios and provide you with feedback, I would be happy to do so. I don&#039;t think I have anything immediate that I would use these in for production, but I would like to see the concept and think of ways that they might benefit our web applications. <BR><BR>Let me know if I am the type of candidate you are looking for and what information you need from me.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>JM<BR>

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    Do you resource files (resx) for your localization?

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