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    FREE jointly hosted seminar from Microsoft & Insource <BR>Software Development Productivity - First call to seminar<BR>27th January 2004 @ Microsoft Campus, Reading, Berkshire. <BR><BR>The purpose of this FREE jointly hosted seminar from Microsoft & Insource is to help your organisation to get the very best out of Microsoft technology, enabling and empowering you to improve software development productivity to gain more and achieve more with better results.<BR><BR>Are any of the listed bullet points an issue to you and your software development department?<BR><BR>* Development Standards<BR>* Quality standards <BR>* Productivity<BR>* Predicable & controllable projects<BR>* Supportable applications<BR><BR>Our research has shown that these are concerns to the majority of software development managers. Further borne out by the fact that, we Insource, a bespoke software development company, and have experienced the same issues. We have addressed these issues through the in-house development and adoption of Rapid Application Development Tools with unprecedented success.<BR><BR>These tools have now been further developed for use by any development department who develop applications in the Microsoft environment. Developed specifically to solve our problems, we would very much like to share with you our experiences and our approach to creating an efficient and productive development department that produce high quality products, with supportable code that adheres to agreed standards. <BR><BR>These tools are not the answer to everything, but they do go along way to resolving a lot of the issues we all face in a bespoke software development environment. Whether you feel RAD tools could be of value to you or not, if you share the same problems as the majority of your peers within the industry we believe that this seminar will be of benefit to you, and we would very much like to welcome you along and share with you our ideas.<BR><BR>Venue location: Memphis Room, Microsoft Campus, Reading, Berkshire<BR>Date / Time: Tuesday 27th January 2004, 1pm for 1:30 pm start.<BR>More agenda information at;<BR><BR><BR><BR>Attendance is free and you are welcome to bring along colleagues, guests and<BR>business partners. To book simply call 0870 166 6671 or visit Microsoft booking;<BR><BR><BR>and quote the event code; 118741803<BR>but do hurry. Places are limited, so book now!<BR><BR>Kevin O&#039;Keeffe<BR>Seminar Organiser<BR><BR>

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