hp pavilion zt3010us notebook pc<BR><BR>check out the specs, do a search on hp.com (i can&#039;t do a hyperlink, there&#039;s session stuff in the url :-/ )<BR><BR>two things i don&#039;t like about it... #1 4200 rpm hard drive... #2 xp home, which i&#039;m upgrading in a few days<BR><BR>let me know what you think. other than that, centrino&#039;s great (at 1.5ghz), it has 60 gb, huge *** screen (15.4" WXGA), a neat "scroll button" touch pad thingy, sleek look, dvdrw/cdrw, and it&#039;s light as hell. plenty of inputs, like usb and firewire, sd cards, and outputs too like s-video, pc monitor, etc. centrino will make it go almost 5 hours on a full battery. also, integrated wireless connection. i&#039;m not a salesman for hp, but this thing is sweet.<BR><BR>i&#039;m formatting and partitioning it tonight and putting red hat 9.0 on it, and seeing if i can be one of the few and elite who can put linux on first, then windows on last. wish me luck.