I&#039;ve been trying to find (everywhere) information on making a control display properly in the design view when it is a control (like Panel) that can contain other controls.<BR><BR>Has anyone been able to figure out how to do this? I got so far as to find that the ViewElement for the objects are all IHTMLElement (mshtml) and the designer is an mshtml control. I&#039;m able to see the source of the html, but I can&#039;t figure out how to attach my own behavior (the one it&#039;s using is an internal one to VS (Micrsoft.VisualStudio....IdentityBehavior or something like that).<BR><BR>I think if I could attach my own behavior, I could probably modify the html in a way that could display my custom stuff, but I can&#039;t figure out how to hook in. It seems that there aren&#039;t any events that occur before the default behavior is attached that would allow me to choose a different one.<BR><BR>If anyone has had any luck with this, please let me know! Also, does anyone know a way to make the designer not update all memebers of an object property that is collapsable without writing your own designer? I have a "header" property that is an object (contains stuff like styling things and such) that updates all of its members every time a single one is changed (and so overwrites my &#060;% ... %&#062; stuff in the text property of the header object each time I change anything else in the header object).<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Kelly Leahy