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    Mark Guest

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    I have developed serial different web sites, I want to share the data located in different server (different place),when one database update , the other datebase in other server can automatically update.I wonder how can I do that?<BR>thanks<BR>

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    Rob Eberhardt Guest

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    Remote Data Services (RDS) is an optional install with IIS. It lets one web server use a DSN on another machine (across the internet even). Check out on this.<BR><BR>Another approach the free AspTear component that 4Guys has recently highlighted, letting you use a page on another web server as a data source. Not everyone has the ability to register components on their web host&#039s servers, though.<BR><BR>..SO failing that, you can do something %LIKE% AspTear, but non-componentized: use the Internet Transfer Control (I think that&#039s the name, the object is "InetCtls.Inet" -- do a search on that name).<BR><BR>The first approach seems the best, though, if you can manage it.

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