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    I&#039m having trouble specifying the name of the file to receive a Response.Write. I use the following line:<BR><BR>Response.Addheader "Content-Disposition", "inline; filename=" & sFileName<BR><BR>But if the filename contains blanks, I get an error. Can anyone tell me how to keep the blanks in the filename?

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    Try converting the each space to &#039%20&#039 or &#039+&#039.<BR><BR>In gerneral I think it isnot good practice to have long filenames with spaces on the web, because the http protocol need to encode these characters. Instead of "My file.asp" should be "MyFile.asp" or "My_File.asp", and you should where possible conform to the old dos 8.3 format.<BR><BR>The no space policy should also be used in database design <BR>[My Field} should be [MyField] or [My_Field]

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