I built a DataGrid using the code right out of Sam&#039;s 24 Hour book. Its the one that uses the Edit,Cancel,Update buttons. The only difference is that i am using an Access DB that i made myself. It all works fine with one exception. After i do a change on one of the editable fields and click "Update", it does not update the field. It just goes back to the origional?<BR>In my debugging attempts it seems that the problem must be in the method that pushes the data to the DB. But I have no idea why it isn&#039;t working. The method was made using the WebMatrix wizard (Update). I am including the sub that runs when the Update event fires and the method that it calls. all the appropriate arguments seem to go to the method as they should, but the DB does not get updated?<BR><BR>Thank you so much! (Below is the code)<BR><BR><BR>sub DGMems_Update(obj as object,e as DataGridCommandEventArgs)<BR> &#039;Determine the value of the MemberID Column<BR><BR><BR> Dim memberID as integer = e.Item.Cells(1).Text<BR><BR><BR> &#039;Reference each TextBox that is editable<BR> Dim LastNameTextBox as TextBox = e.Item.Cells(2).Controls(0)<BR> Dim FirstNameTextBox as TextBox = e.Item.Cells(3).Controls(0)<BR> Dim HomePhoneTextBox as TextBox = e.Item.Cells(4).Controls(0)<BR><BR> &#039;trace.warn(LastNameTextBox.Text)<BR><BR> UpdateMember(memberID, LastNameTextBox.Text, FirstNameTextBox.Text, HomePhoneTextBox.Text)<BR><BR><BR> &#039;label1.text = LastNameTextBox.Text<BR> DGMems.EditItemIndex = -1<BR> DGMems.DataSource = GetMems()<BR> DGMems.DataBind()<BR> end sub<BR><BR>Here is the method:<BR><BR>Function UpdateMember(ByVal MemberID As Integer, ByVal LastName As String, ByVal FirstName As String, ByVal HomePhone As String) As Integer<BR> Dim connectionString As String = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Ole DB Services=-4; Data Source=C:dbcorona1.mdb"<BR><BR> Dim dbConnection As System.Data.IDbConnection = New System.Data.OleDb.OleDbConnection(connectionString )<BR><BR> Dim queryString As String = "UPDATE [memb_info_tbl] SET [LastName]=@LastName, [FirstName]=@FirstName, [HomePhone]=@HomePhone WHERE ([memb_info_tbl].[MemberID] = @MemberID)"<BR> Dim dbCommand As System.Data.IDbCommand = New System.Data.OleDb.OleDbCommand<BR> dbCommand.CommandText = queryString<BR> dbCommand.Connection = dbConnection<BR><BR> Dim dbParam_memberID As System.Data.IDataParameter = New System.Data.OleDb.OleDbParameter<BR> dbParam_memberID.ParameterName = "@MemberID"<BR> dbParam_memberID.Value = memberID<BR> dbParam_memberID.DbType = System.Data.DbType.Int32<BR> dbCommand.Parameters.Add(dbParam_memberID)<BR><BR> Dim dbParam_lastName As System.Data.IDataParameter = New System.Data.OleDb.OleDbParameter<BR> dbParam_lastName.ParameterName = "@LastName"<BR> dbParam_lastName.Value = lastName<BR> dbParam_lastName.DbType = System.Data.DbType.String<BR> dbCommand.Parameters.Add(dbParam_lastName)<BR><BR> &#039;label1.text = dbParam_lastName.Value<BR><BR><BR> Dim dbParam_firstName As System.Data.IDataParameter = New System.Data.OleDb.OleDbParameter<BR> dbParam_firstName.ParameterName = "@FirstName"<BR> dbParam_firstName.Value = firstName<BR> dbParam_firstName.DbType = System.Data.DbType.String<BR> dbCommand.Parameters.Add(dbParam_firstName)<BR><BR > Dim dbParam_homePhone As System.Data.IDataParameter = New System.Data.OleDb.OleDbParameter<BR> dbParam_homePhone.ParameterName = "@HomePhone"<BR> dbParam_homePhone.Value = homePhone<BR> dbParam_homePhone.DbType = System.Data.DbType.String<BR> dbCommand.Parameters.Add(dbParam_homePhone)<BR><BR > Dim rowsAffected As Integer = 0<BR> dbConnection.Open<BR><BR> Try<BR> rowsAffected = dbCommand.ExecuteNonQuery<BR> Finally<BR><BR> dbConnection.Close<BR> End Try<BR><BR> Return rowsAffected<BR><BR><BR> End Function<BR><BR><BR>