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    How can I stop double-clicks on a payform? Most <BR>people are used to clicking on something <BR>twice in windows - the problem with this is that<BR>if they double-click on a "Pay now" button on a web<BR>page, they&#039;re charged twice. <BR><BR>A runat="client" script would be nice, but not everybody<BR>supports javascript. Any ideas?<BR>

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    there are lots of client-side Javascript solutions for this out there.<BR><BR>Personally, I tend to stick a js "Are you sure?" alert on the onClick event of the "Pay Now" button. If they click Yes, it disables the button so that it can&#039;t be clicked again.<BR><BR>Word of warning: the "disabled" property in HTML isn&#039;t universally supported, browser-wise. That said, I&#039;ve tested my versions of this with IE4 to IE6, Netscape 6 & 7, and Opera, which is a reasonable cross section.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Rob

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