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    Hi people.<BR>I have collected multiple user&#039;s data into a hashtable.<BR>viz. Username, Password, EmailId, address into an hashtable.<BR>myHT1.Add("Username", "Scott")<BR>myHT1.Add("Password", "scott")<BR>myHT1.Add("EmailId", "")<BR>myHT1.Add("Address", "some address")<BR>Similarly few other user&#039;s details need to be added. I want to pass multiple users data at a time so am using hashtable to collect the user&#039;s data and then adding that hashtable in an arraylist as arrListOfDetail.Add(myHT1).<BR>But at the time of adding all data gets added in an hashtable and these hashtables gets added into an arraylist. But how do I retrieve my data from hashtable which is inside an arraylist. Is there any other alternative to this? I can&#039;t change hashtable to keep user&#039;s data. This group of hashtable need to be kept inside something. Please help me out of this.

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    cross posting is a no no

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