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    &nbsp;<BR>I&#039;m attempting to get the site to have valid HTML but it seems that the built in .net controls (eg an image button) write out html with attributes which are not accepted by the HTML validator (<BR><BR>My code reads:<BR>&#060;asp:imagebutton id="btnLogin" onclick="doLogin" tabIndex="3" Runat="server" imageurl="enterButton.gif" width="45" height="18" EnableViewState="False"&#062;&#060;/asp:imagebutton&#062;<BR><BR><BR>The outputted HTML is:<BR>&#060;input type="image" name="btnLogin" id="btnLogin" tabindex="3" src="enterButton.gif" border="0" style="height:18px;width:45px;" /&#062;<BR><BR><BR>According to the validation report, there is no "border" attribute of the INPUT tag. Is there a way to stop this being put in????<BR><BR>

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    Inherit from the imageButton class and override the AddAttributesToRender...

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