I am generally experienced, now, at writing intranet applications, but I have a new challenge now with an internet application. There are a couple of solutions available using MS Access, and with a sort of "pull" methodology, but what I am after is more of a "push" methodology.<BR><BR>Essentially, a customer visits the web site keys in information on the web server, and submits the information. What I want is this information to come directly into our intranet server.<BR><BR>The hurdles:<BR><BR>1. We cannot put a DSN on the web server.<BR>2. We are behind a firewall.<BR><BR>Those are the major ones because I lack understanding of passing information securely.<BR><BR>We have configured the firewall to pass SQL traffic (1433) and http traffic. Where I hit my issue is in creating the db connection. The server has no real world IP, only an internal IP, and our web server (Hosted externally) does not have access to our DNS records in order to resolve a name.<BR><BR>So could someone point to me a place where I could find information about this? Once I get the database connection configured, I will be in good shape. Alternatively, I can make a DSN from our server to our web server and trigger a pull of the data, but I would prefer to have the information come into our DB automagically when the customer posts to the website. I have a book on ECommerce that probably has some information about this, but I am a little skeptical.<BR><BR>Thoughts?