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Thread: asp conversion to .NET - performance

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    Default asp conversion to .NET - performance

    I have seen documents that detail the transition of asp to asp.NET and they say it is rather easy. When porting code over to .NET, will it be optimized to run better in .NET even though the code base has not changed?? (I have a framework already built in asp that I would like to convert to .NET but I'm worried about the performance of the older code) Thanks...

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    Default ADO.NET performance improvement will be enough

    all by itself to make it worthwhile. The other stuff is just gravy.<BR><BR>For now, you could continue to use script only .aspx pages and includes just like you always did in classic ASP. After your<BR>site is ported over and using ADO.NET, you could go back and redesign your code architecture when time permits.

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    Default RE: asp conversion to .NET - performance

    One of the biggest issues with this kind of porting is that the new "aspx" pages follow the same old asp way of doing things.<BR>...And you may spend much more time trying to get some old asp thing to go than you would to re-create the same functionality in<BR><BR><BR>

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