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    Hi All <BR><BR>I&#039;m quite new to and I have a couple of questions. My questions are: <BR><BR>1. How can I prevent single user with multiple login accounts? <BR>(without using cookie or IP address because some users are clever enough to delete cookies and IP address would be a problem for network users behind a single public IP) <BR><BR>2. Is there a way to trace user&#039;s download every day without using cookie? Assuming each user are allowed to download 25 files from my web site and this limit will reset on the next day (after 24h). Currently, I have this idea: <BR><BR>- Table[UserID, Date, DownloadCount] <BR>- When the user download a file, I then check the date in the table to see is there any entry for that user. If there isn&#039;t any, create a new record with current time. <BR>- If user record is found, I then check DownloadCount field and date (adding 1 day to existing date to see whether I need to reset the date). If the DownloadCount is valid, I just let user to continue download and update the download count field. <BR><BR>What is the best practise or efficient logic to develop this routine? <BR><BR>Any suggestions would be much appreciated. <BR><BR>Many Thanks.

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    1) Single User with Multiple Accounts<BR>If you let users create their own user accounts, this will be difficult to police. If you assign the user accounts, you have at least some control over suspicious new registrants.<BR>Regarding cookies you could implement something like forcing a user to wait 24 hours to download if his cookie doesn&#039;t exist.<BR>1) Download log<BR>I would rather create a table entry for each download and then count all entries for today&#039;s date to enforce a download limit. It results in more table entries but then you have complete info on who downloaded what and when.<BR><BR>HTH

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