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    Newt Guest

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    When I get column data from a record set, it seems to store the numbers as a string even though they are defined in the database as numerics. What do I need to do with the rsRecordSet("column") to get them to be numbers that I can add, subtract, and the like?<BR><BR>Newton

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    K Fowler Guest

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    Goto You can find a VbScript Reference as well as a JScript Reference to provide additional help.<BR><BR>For a brief description, you can simply cast the rs values to whatever type you desire.<BR><BR>If you are looking for an Integer:<BR>MyVar = CInt(rsRecordSet("column"))<BR><BR>If you are looking for a Long:<BR>MyVar = CLng(rsRecordSet("column"))<BR><BR>If you are looking for a Double:<BR>MyVar = CDbl(rsRecordSet("column"))<BR>

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