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    from time to time my shopping cart prices tend to change from standard US to GBP and the currency symbols even change Only happens maybe once a month...I am using a cobalt raq4 server ..I was thinking it might be the geographical locale but that is set to English...I can force it with an lcid=1033 but I would really like to know why this occuring...<BR><BR>Their is a javascript function that a previous developer had on the site<BR>This what appears in the view source<BR>&#060;!--<BR>&#060;Script src="http://www.4ur.net/currency/load_conversion.php3?from=USD&def_to=CAD&reload=1" &#062;<BR>&#060;/Script&#062;<BR>--&#062;<BR><BR>it appears that the function can take any type of currency..<BR><BR>only thing about it is that it appears to be remmed out...or is it?<BR><BR>also when I try to go to the link...it does nothing anyways...please help<BR>

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    Default not js or asp

    load_conversion.php3<BR><BR>it&#039;s a php file.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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