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    I need to read the actual value of a form variable using ASP (not Javascript: that works fine) but I don&#039t find a way to do it without submitting the whole form and checking the request.form; is there a way to do it before the submitting? is there a possibility to access the value of variables of another frame (as in javascript: parent.frames[0].variable.value?)<BR>

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    As ASP is run on ther server side there is no way of checking the form data using ASP with out sending it to the server.<BR><BR>You can use Javascript to check the form though.<BR><BR>As for sending ASP pages to other Frames, its possible using a bit of Javascript, but again you have to send/request the data from the server. You need to name the frame, using Javascript ( = "MyName") you want to handle the data you are going to send. then in the Form tags you add target="MyName"<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR><BR>Pete

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