Http1.1 error ,,,,New sesion Failed?

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Thread: Http1.1 error ,,,,New sesion Failed?

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    Hello All<BR><BR>About every month now I have to reboot the server because my site is down and all my traffic recieves "HTTP 1.1 /New session failed"<BR><BR>Is there a more effective way to fix this than simply rebooting the server every so often?<BR><BR>Why does this error appear?<BR><BR>Please educate me cause I need it<BR><BR>thanks in advance Gurus!<BR><BR>John

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    only time I&#039;ve seen this is when the server is effectively out of memory. I&#039;ve seen it on a development machine when I&#039;ve been running big processing tasks in other programs (video encoding and so on) and when an ASP process has gone wild and eaten a tonload of memory. do either of these sound likely?<BR><BR>how much RAM does the machine have?

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