Hello,<BR><BR>I need a little help with an image gallery I am building.<BR>I am using ASP, VB Script and Javascript and my data is stored in an SQL2k database.<BR>I am stumped on how to handle the gallerys&#039; data. So far I have pulled the nececary data from the database for each image in the gallery.<BR>1)file name<BR>2)caption<BR>3)description<BR><BR>My initial plan was to create a new image object for each image to be displayed. Similar to what I would do in Flash Actionscript.<BR>Like...<BR>====================== ===============<BR>[code language="vb script"]<BR>for i=1 to Count-1 <BR> arrTemp=""<BR> arrTemp= Split(arrI(i),"\")<BR> oImage[i]= new Image<BR> oImage[i].FileName= arrTemp(0)<BR> oImage[i].Caption= arrTemp(1)<BR> oImage[i].Description= arrTemp(2)<BR>next<BR>[/code]<BR>=====================================<BR><BR>T his approach would have allowed me to then access each images data via "oImage[image#].Property" at least that is what I wanted it to do.<BR>Is there a way to make this approach work?<BR>Have I just made some syntax error here?<BR><BR>Below is where I am now. It doesnt work either.<BR>When plan A failed I thought I would try to create an array for each image. Nope, didnt work either.<BR>Is there a way to make this one work?<BR>I would prefer plan A but this method would be acceptable also.<BR>========================================= ============ <BR>[code language="vb script"]<BR> While Not rsImages.EOF <BR> strData = strData & rsImages("me_fname") & "\" & rsImages("me_caption") & "\" & rsImages("me_desc") & "&#124" <BR> Count=Count+1 <BR> &#039;Response.Write Count & "<BR>"<BR> rsImages.MoveNext<BR> Wend<BR> <BR> &#039;close recordset<BR> rsImages.Close<BR><BR> &#039;close database<BR> oConnection.Close<BR> <BR> arrI=Split(strData,"&#124")<BR> for i=1 to Count-1<BR> [hl="red"]arrImage[i]= ""<BR> arrImage[i]=Split(arrI(i),"\")[/hl]<BR> <BR> &#039;Response.Write(arrImage[i](0) & "&#060;hr&#062;")<BR> next<BR>[/code]<BR><BR>Suggestions anyone?<BR><BR>Thanx<BR>Robert