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    When I get column values from a Recordset, even if they are numbers, I get a mismatch when I try to add them together. I use the isNumberic function and they are indeed not numbers. However, if I assign those values to a local variable, they become numeric and I can apply math to them.<BR><BR>Any short cuts to this?<BR><BR>Newton

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    With unlike VB you can not assign a variable type to a variable<BR><BR>Dim MyCnt as integer<BR>Dim MyVar as String<BR><BR>The script just decides what type it is as you use it <BR><BR>When calling an integer type criteria in a query you cannot put single quotes around it<BR><BR>Select * From Table Where TableID= & MyCnt<BR><BR>some times when I have problems getting the code to recognize a variable value as integer I will do this <BR><BR>Select * From Table Where TableID= & MyCnt*1<BR><BR>When Calling date values as criteria at least with MS Access you need to put the # around it<BR>Select * From Table Where Date=#" & VarDate & "#;"<BR><BR>all other type use single quotes<BR><BR>Select * From Table Where SomeTextField=&#039" & MyVar & "&#039;"<BR><BR>I hope this helps<BR>

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    You can also use the CInt function within vbscript i.e. if you assign the value to some variable custID then you can convert the value to integer by:<BR><BR>CInt(custID)<BR><BR>This should do the job.

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    Thanks guys- Newt Guest

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