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    Hi <BR>Not sure this is an ASP question but I was wondering if I can post form info to a new window? I just want to create a popup and post to it<BR><BR>I have tried onclick but can&#039;t seem to get things working.<BR><BR>Thanks and Happy NY!<BR>Don

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    Of course.<BR><BR>&#060;script&#062;<BR>function postForm(oForm){<BR> var oWindow ="about:blank", "myWindow");<BR> = oWindow;<BR> return true;<BR>}<BR>&#060;/script&#062;<BR>&#060;form onSubmit="postForm(this)"&#062;<BR><BR>Or something quite similar anyway. If you just want it to submit to a new window, you can just specify target="_blank" in your form tag.<BR><BR>Craig.

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