Our corporate intranet is configured as follows<BR><BR>PDC <BR>OS Windows 2000 Advanced server.<BR>IIS version 5<BR>FrontPage extensions 2003.<BR>Visual Source Safe is configured with IIS for source control.<BR>Nodes<BR>Windows 2000 professional<BR>IIS version 5<BR>FrontPage extensions 2003.<BR>Visual Studio(SP5)<BR><BR>Scenario and problem<BR><BR>We have created a master web application on the PDC. This application is added to source safe also. All development nodes are connected to Master web application through visual Interdev. To debug COM+ components from VID we swith to Local mode in Visual Interdev ‘working mode.’ This results in every request to local application creating a new session.<BR><BR>When working in master mode this problem does not happen.<BR>When we created the web application in a machine which is outside the domain but in the LAN, this problem did not occur.<BR>When we created an application on local IIS of the node, this problem did not occur.<BR><BR>What we have noticed is that it is only when we try this in Domain the problem occurs. Like we simulated the same situation between two nodes of the domain it reoccurred.<BR><BR><BR>Any help will be highly appreciated<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>