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    hi all,<BR>i have been searching for resources of web engineering. <BR>i can&#039;t find anything useful, anything that might be says nothing about .net applications.<BR><BR>anyone can help here? the professional guys...what do you do for your web applications design?

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    RE: web applications design<BR>Have you tried MSDN ?<BR>

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    Default i've seen this..

    "Jumping Into ASP.NET Part 1: Application Planning and Design"<BR>article and part 2, interesting and valuable... but i was looking for something more professional or more IN design and engineer, like using the UML language in windows applications.<BR><BR>for example, after i posted this thread i found those two sites...i wonder if you ( and the guys ) can evaluate better than me:<BR><BR>http://www.pst.informatik.uni-muenchen.de/projekte/uwe/<BR><BR>http://webml.org/webml/page1.do<BR><BR>i downloaded this latter&#039;s documents & zipped files to read, haven&#039;t done so yet..i hope that i can find something in those.<BR>and i hope you would too :)<BR>

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    Have you been here? http://msdn.microsoft.com/architecture/<BR><BR>p.s. The expression Web engineering doesn&#039;t really express anything to me...<BR><BR>

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