Hi ,i am using a radio buttonlist to display the radio button choices <BR> &#060;ASP:radiobuttonList id="st1" runat="server" repeatlayout="flow" datatextfield="SurveyChoiceTitle" DataValueField="SurveyChoiceTitle"&#062;&#060;/ASP:radiobuttonList&#062;<BR><BR>also the st1 radio buttonlist ID is used in Page_Load <BR><BR> .<BR>~SQL connection code ~<BR> .<BR> .<BR>sqlConnection.Open()<BR>st1.DataSource = sqlCommand.ExecuteReader (system.data.CommandBehavior.CloseConnection)<BR>s t1.DataBind()<BR><BR>now here is what i want do. <BR>i want to create the the radio button list a variable number of times so how do i give the radiobuttonlist different/dynamic ID&#039;s?so that i can use it in the Connection code too instead of st1 more like i want to give id&#039;s like st +(some integer variable) to make st1,st2,st3 etc and use that ID to get the DataSource. <BR>i am using only 1 button in the page so i want the radio button list on the page a variable number of times and use the button to track all the button list <BR><BR>i hope u get the logic what is the way or any other way ? <BR>Please HELP