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    I have built an export engine that seems to work fine in most places, but having installed it locally in a remote office (locally in a remote office, scoff) I am noticing that the export file (A csv file) is putting a 3d before each data field. The code reads something like this (Dont have the code right in front of me at the moment but can reply with it if necessary)<BR><BR>strtextstream = chr(34) & now() & "," & chr(34) & strfield1 & chr(34) & "," & chr(34) & "0" & chr(34)<BR><BR>I am getting the 3d before anything that is a variable. Now() does not get a 3d, nor does the static zero, but the strfield1 ends up with a 3dname or something of the sort. Thoughts?<BR><BR>

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    is 34 the " ?<BR><BR>try """" & now() & ",""" ...<BR>

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