I need assistance writing code for a javascript array in an asp page..<BR>I have created a two-dimensional array that stores data from a database table. The array consists of the following fields.<BR><BR>emp_id, emp_name, supervisor, manager<BR><BR>var REPRELATE = new Array();<BR>REPRELATE[0]= new Array("123456","Jones, Carol","Smith ,Michelle","Lesley,Patricia",);<BR>REPRELATE[1]= new Array("126655","Hamelton, Denise","Hunter,Anne","Rose,Krista",);<BR>REPRELAT E[2]= new Array("127755","Cooper, Helen","Franks,Vicki","Edwards,Annika",);<BR>REPRE LATE[3]= new Array("127884","Howard, Elizabeth","Sharne,Avis","Preay,Darryl",);<BR>REPR ELATE[4]= new Array("127943","Jackson, Jill","Franks,Vicki","Edwards,Annika D",);<BR><BR>I want a drop down box that populates with the emp_name (using a recordset) then match the drop down selection with the same emp_name in the array.<BR>Once the emp_name is selected from the drop down the emp_id value is passed to a hidden field and the supervisor and manager of the employee is automatically populated in text boxes "txtSup" and txtMan. Can you please assist with the code for what I am trying to do?<BR>