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    Hi,<BR> I am calling a VB Dll in asp to insert a record but it gives this error<BR> Error Type:<BR>Vboiw3 (0x800A005B)<BR>Object variable or With block variable not set<BR>/Chem2/addnew_mts.asp, line 152<BR><BR>and the error occurs in the 2: nd line<BR>1: set maxmsds = Server.CreateObject("vboiw3.AddMSDS")<BR>2: newid=maxmsds.addMSDS(MaxMaster, custid_add,,auser)<BR> i checked the DLL it works fine .<BR>I dont know why this error occurs but i was not able to insert any record<BR>thanks in advance<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    &#062;i checked the DLL it works fine .<BR>what did you do to "check" it?? is the DLL registered on the server<BR><BR>

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