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Thread: Running IIS on Windows XP, File deletion

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    I have a asp code which performs the following task<BR> 1. Reads the subfolder and files of a folder say A<BR> 2. Do some database operation<BR> 3. Make a copy of folder A and paste it in some other location<BR> 4. Deletes the folder A<BR><BR>The code is working perfectly with IIS on Windows 2000 both server and professional.<BR><BR>But the same code when executed on a machine having IIS on windows xp, the 4th step ie. deleting the folder is not working. It shows permission denied.<BR><BR>From IIS read,write permission is given.<BR>The folders can be deleted manually but through code it is not allowing<BR>

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    Hello<BR><BR>You need to set full control for ISUSR_ComputerName <BR><BR>right click the folder choose properties then select the sequrity tab then click Add --&#062; Advanced --&#062; find Now <BR>Click on<BR><BR>ISUSR_YourComputerName <BR><BR>then click OK then give full control then ok and your done folder will now delete

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