I am trying to fetch contents of the dicitonary objects and i fail, even though running simple loop returns keys and items, and object.count returns number of items in the dictionary. Here is my code. Please help. Thanks a lot in advance!<BR><BR>set xrs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR>modeFiel dNames = "MODE_ID, MODE_NEW_SPLASH, MODE_SUMMARY_LENGTH, MODE_DSP_NR, MODESORT_BY, MODE_SORT_DIRECTION, MODE_CATEGORY"<BR>strsql = "SELECT * FROM CONTENTS_MODE WHERE MODE_CATEGORY =&#039;1&#039;"<BR>xrs.Open strsql, xConn<BR>intFieldCount = xrs.Fields.Count<BR>Dim bFields()<BR>ReDim bFields(intFieldCount,3)<BR> For x = 1 to intFieldCount<BR> bFields(x, 1) = xrs.Fields(x-1).Name <BR> bFields(x, 2) = xrs.Fields(x-1).Type <BR> bFields(x, 3) = xrs.Fields(x-1).DefinedSize <BR> Next <BR> xModeFieldNames = Split(modeFieldNames, ",")<BR>errorHandler()<BR>Set xMode = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")<BR>xMode.Remo veAll<BR><BR> x = 0<BR> For Each xField in xrs.Fields<BR> x = x + 1<BR> curVal = xField.Value<BR> xMode.Add xModeFieldNames(x-1), xField.Value<BR> next<BR><BR>v=xMode.Keys<BR>for z= 0 to xMode.Count-1<BR>b= b + v(z)& "<BR>"<BR>next <BR>a=xMode.Items<BR>for i = 0 To xMode.Count -1<BR> s = s & a(i) & "<BR>"<BR>next<BR>Response.Write s<BR>Response.Write b %&#062;<BR>&#060;%<BR>= xMode.item("MODE_SORT_BY")<BR>%&#062;